What is Disaster Recovery

When you are running a business, downtime is simply not an option. If the unexpected does happen and your systems go down, then there is only one thing that you can count on – you will lose money. That is why your primary concern will be getting your business up-and-running again as fast as possible.

Off-Site Protection for On-Site Disaster

This is where DataBackup Disaster Recovery comes in! Speed is critical, so DataBackup Disaster Recovery has been designed to have your business back up-and-running instantly.

Unlike similar products, DataBackup Disaster Recovery can be installed and set up in minutes, so that you can put our trusted system to work for you immediately. From 2 terabytes to 40 terabytes and beyond, if your servers go down, then our secure hosting sites will have you up and running again in no time.

Insuring your Business Continuity

You may already back your data up regularly. However, that will not save you from downtime if your system collapses. DataBackup Disaster Recovery is designed to ensure business continuity. If your systems fail, then we will ensure that your business will still succeed.
When your systems go down, so does your productivity and your revenue – and you could even lose customers. It is simply not worth the risk.

Prevent a disaster before it happens with DataBackup Disaster Recovery. Request a quote now.

Disaster Recovery F.A.Q

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Disaster Recovery FAQ

Can I test my disaster recovery capabilities?

Yes. We recommend that you test your disaster recovery procedures using DataBackup Disaster Recovery regularly.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

All data will be removed from our servers within 30 days.

Where is my data stored?

DataBackup has six data centres: Dublin, Ireland; Wrexham and Cardiff in the UK; Tours and Lyons, France. Normally, your data is stored in the country of origin unless you give us permission to do otherwise (for example, if your business operates out of several jurisdictions).

Why Use DataBackup Disaster Recovery?

What DataBackup Disaster Recovery does is take data directly from your server, converting it to files that can be instantly accessed locally or via a remote web interface. So whatever happens to your systems, your data and apps are still available to you, meaning little or no business downtime.

How secure is the DataBackup Disaster Recovery?

As with all DataBackup applications, all data is encrypted before it even leaves your servers using military grade encryption and transferred to our ISO27001-certified secure data centres over a 256-bit SSL secure connection. Data restoration can only be achieved using your Internet connection and only to IP addresses designated by you.

How easy is DataBackup Disaster Recovery to implement and use?

Simply let us know which workstations, servers, files and applications you want to recover in the event of an incident and we’ll make sure that if something does go wrong, you have immediate access to that data. That’s all there is to it. When it comes to accessing your data and files that can be done locally or remotely.

How often are backups?

As often as you want. Let us know how regularly you want us to perform visualisations of your data and we’ll send you an email after each to let you know that it’s been successful. Best of all, a single monthly fee means you can backup up your system as often as you like without any extra charges.

What applications are compatible with DataBackup Disaster Recovery?

Most forms of data and applications are compatible with DataBackup Disaster Recovery, including Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL. Do inform us at the outset if you use any unique file types or business-specific applications, and we’ll let you know if they’re supported.

How is it I can boot into my applications and data instantly?

DataBackup uses .vmdk backup files. One feature of these is that they can be loaded instantly for virtualisation locally for quick system reboot.

Disaster Recovery – Quote Request

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