Why use an Archiving Service

As computer data builds up over time in your systems, it can clog it and slow your applications, causing crashes and downtime. However, deleting that data is not always practical. Every business is required to keep data for legal purposes, as well as for business needs.

What can DataBackup Archiving Service do for you

DataBackup archiving service will remove all of your inactive data and transfer it to an easily accessible and secure off-site location – so that you get to keep all your old data, whilst also optimising your systems and freeing up space for more current data storage.

DataBackup Archiving Service is for all businesses

The DataBackupArchiving Service works with all sorts of business-critical applications – from email to accounts platforms – and the interface has been designed to be extremely user-friendly. You will not need a degree in Computer Science to be able to use it, we promise! An advanced search function allows you to find what you need in just a few clicks, so that you can file away old records, secure in the knowledge that you can access the information again instantly, should you ever need to. In today’s fast-moving marketplace, this type of service could give your business that all-important edge over your competitors.

Your data is stored securely and backed up

We take security very seriously and the DataBackup Archiving Service is iron-clad. Copies of your archived data are held across several separate, secure locations, using 256-bit encryption, so that your data can never be accessed by anyone other than you.

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Data Archiving F.A.Q

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Archiving Services FAQ

Why Use The DataBackup Archiving Service?

The DataBackup Archiving Service has been developed to make it easy to retrieve archaic data, should you need it for any reason. Once transferred to our secure hosting servers, your data is indexed in a way that makes search and retrieval simple. For you, the advantages are immediate. Your systems become faster and less prone to crashes and failure, yet your data is still easily accessible.

Whether you need to keep old data and files for business use or legal compliance, with the DataBackup Archiving Service, you’re covered. And, the DataBackup Archiving Service has been developed to complement the DataBackup Online Backup System seamlessly. So, together, they make an unbeatable secure data storage solution for your business.

How secure is the DataBackup Archiving Service?

As with DataBackup Online Backup, your data is encrypted before it even leaves your site using military grade encryption algorithms and transferred to our ISO27001-certified secure data centres over a 256-bit SSL secure connection. In a word, our system is ironclad. Data restoration can only be achieved using your Internet connection and only to IP addresses designated by you.

How easy is DataBackup Archiving to implement and use?

If you do have any problems, we provide full technical support around the clock, 365 days per year.

What about email archiving?

We understand email applications are some of the first to suffer when too much data in the form of emails or other information is stored. DataBackup’s Archiving Service has been designed to work with most email applications, including Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise, Kerio Mailserver, Lotus Notes, Lotus Live iNotes, VMware Zimbra, Gmail.

By archiving your older emails and data on our servers, you can significantly speed up email across your organisation, yet still have archaic data instantly available should you need it. The information is all held in a searchable database that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for from thousands of megabytes of information in seconds.

Where is my data stored?

DataBackup has six data centres: Dublin, Ireland; Wrexham and Cardiff in the UK; Tours and Lyons, France. Normally, your data is stored in the country of origin unless you give us permission to do otherwise (for example, if your business operates out of several jurisdictions).

What gets archived?

Specifically, what you tell us to archive! For example, if you tell us you want to archive all unmodified data more than a year old, that’s exactly what we’ll do. Of course, you can also add parameters to filter out data you want to keep, such as older email items or other specific file types.

What happens if I’ve a huge amount of data to archive?

If you have a lot of data (in excess of 300GB) it makes sense to do the initial archiving operation onsite and then transport the data to us on removable media. We recommend backing up all data before performing this operation using DataBackup Online Backup.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If, for any reason, you wish to cancel your subscription to the DataBackup Archiving Service, we will simply export your archived data back to you.

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