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Welcome to Data Backup Ireland

  • Your Backup Data Stays in Ireland!

  • ISO:27001 Certified Data Centres

  • Full Military-Grade Encryption

  • Fully Monitored and Managed

  • Declutter Inhouse Systems

  • Infinite Retention

  • Data Centres Located in Ireland

  • Data Management Consultancy Included

Business Continuity

  • OnSite/Offsite/ Blended DR

  • Risk Analysis / Threat Assessment

  • Full Dry Run Testing

  • Hot Site / Hot Seat Options

Your Valuable Data in Safe Hands . . .

Data Backup Ireland / DataBackup.ie can truly claim to be unsurpassed experts in the Data Protection Management and Protection field. We started in 2004 offering Secure Offiste Data Backup, here in Ireland, and, due to demand, expanded our product portfolio to include Data Archiving ( 2007 ) and Disaster Recovery ( 2011 ). We do not back up to “the cloud” – we back up only to our own secure dedicated backup servers located in only in ISO:27001 certified Data Centres, here in Ireland. “Backing up to the cloud” could mean that you have no idea where your backup data or data archive is located! This can introduce it’s own problems with jurisdiction etc.

Don’t take our word for it . . . 

After the first meeting a plan of action was put in place and Datatrust carried this out by the book. Not only that, at all times they had a plan b and plan c just in case things went wrong given the task they were set

Once the task was completed a final closing project meeting was arranged and the job signed of with a min of fuss. I always felt I was in very capable hands and the high level of reassurance was exactly what I needed

I would have no hesitation in recommending DataTrust.”

Les Griffin, BikeWorld

“Over the last 15 years, DataTrust has become more than a Vendor to North’s Property – we consider them to be an integral part of our company

It is our experience that DataTrust will never let you down and will go to the nth degree to maintain systems and get you back up and running in the event of a breakdown

The “back-up service” provided is excellent.  We have no worries whatsoever about the availability and integrity of our data – should we have a loss at our own server – we know that we are in safe hands.

Their knowledge of both security and IT Technology is, in our experience, second to none and we can only heartily recommend the team at Data Trust.”

Pat Stephenson, North's Property

“We have been always used DataTrust for our Secure Cloud Backup needs.

We have always found them to be very responsive, supportive and fully compliment our business from an IT perspective.

They are also excellent value”

“We have being availing of the services of Data Trust or 11 Years. We cannot speak highly enough of the team.

From logging a query, right through to dealing with the fault, the service is extremely efficient and friendly.”

We have found DataTrust extremely proficient and effective in taking care of our IT needs.

They are always available to take a call and answer queries, in fact I don’t think there’s anything they don’t have an answer for in this area!

Always delivered in plain English – they explain everything thoroughly before, during and after the process.

They also went to great lengths to understand our business and business needs to ensure that our IT was optimised accordingly.

David Cawley, Allegro Acoustics

“I have dealt with Data Trust for many years now and have always found them to be extremely dependable,trustworthy and efficient.

No query ( however small) goes unanswered and on many occasions they have gone well above and beyond the call of duty to help us with our I.T. issues.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Data Trust to anyone.”

David Sherlock, Sherlock & Co. Law Searchers

“We can highly recommend Data Trust to be  highly efficient service provider delivering an excellent service in plain English.

They take excellent care to explain everything they were doing to us and probably answered the same question over and over again.   I also find their office staff extremely helpful in fixing any problem that may arise with our system, they stay on the phone with you and never fail to ring you back

I would not hesitate in recommending DataTrust to anyone …”

Charlotte Vaughan, Provident Financial Group

“DataTrust has provided the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with ongoing expert and reliable support and advice for over ten years.

They have always strived for and demonstrate a full understanding of our business needs and provide timely, resilient, scalable and future proof solutions.”

“DataTrust have looked after all my Information Technology Requirements since 2006.

They have always acted in a proactive manner with expertise and in a timely manner. Would highly recommend them.”

This firm has used DataTrust to provide backup facilities for us for over 8 years now.

In the course of that time we have never had a failure, any queries that we have raised have been satisfactorily resolved and in double quick time.

We can unhesitatingly recommend the system to persons seeking computer backup facilities.

Paul N. Beausang, Paul N. Beausang Solicitors

“O’Leary Arnold have used the DataTrust backup facilities  for over 14 years now. 

There are lot of complex, non-user friendly technical systems out there nowadays – DataTrust Secure Cloud Backup is not one of them. It is extremely straight-forward and intuitive to use – we do our own test restores regularly. Never had a test restore fail and have often restored versions of files that have been overwritten.

Technical Support is great – they have a good, friendly attitude.  

An excellent system!”

Kalanne O'Leary & Mary Arnold, O'Leary Arnold Solicitors

Like many small businesses we didn’t realise how much we depended on IT machine until disaster stuck. The main machine that we use for all our payroll and accounts failed following running a routine update. We worried that we had lost years of work. A friend recommended we contact the team at Datatrust.

They were terrific, not only did they manage to regain the information we had originally lost but also had our machine running like new. Lesson learned we signed up to their Online Backup Service.

Our system is now backed up every night, we receive an email confirmation everything is working as it should; as well as this I know the team there actively monitor these reports and contact us straight away with any issues; such as when one of our staff turned the system off overnight.

I would highly recommend using Datatrust Online Backup for both the peace of mind their service provides and the timely, professional and personal assistance they provide

Nico Higgin, SoBo Cafe

Solicitors have a duty to protect their clients’ data – the consequences of neglecting that duty does not bear thinking about. As with all Legal Practices, we engage a Third Part IT Support Partner to keep our IT Infrastructure up to date and performing optimally.

We have to back up a lot of different system here in the Practice – Our Practice Management Systems, Our Risk Management System, Our Accounts Package, All our Outlook Data ( e.g. eMail, Calenders, Contacts etc. ), Voice Recognition Voice Profiles etc. this would probably be typical of a lot of Legal Practices.

One of the nicest developments, in the last few years, has been Online Backup. It dispensed with the “feeling of vulnerability” involved in ensuring someone changes a tape every day, checking whether the backup actually ran OK and then ensuring the tapes are stored safely.

In 2005, our IT Service Provider recommended the DataTrust Solution –  it has worked a treat . . .  Support is proactive and timely. Daily eMail lets us know that all our Data has been backed up

David H. Christie, Christie & Gargan Solrs

Offsite and Online Backup seemed the only route to take for us in our busy practice. However, we were seriously concerned about confidentiality of patient records and wanted a provider operating domestically here in Ireland. When making this decision, in 2009, we considered several Offsite Backup Solutions in parallel with DataTrust Online Backup – not something that I would contemplate myself.

However, my brother, Maktoum, is an IT Security Consultant with Dubai eGovernment (www.dubai.ae). He did a thorough and exhaustive examination and security testing of the alternative offerings and, for security concerns, settled on DataTrust Online Backup.

I had a lady in, installing Voice Recognition and Digital Dictation last April ( April 2011 ). She managed to trash some settings in the Word Processing package. I was very impressed when I got a call directly to a prior-nominated number ( my mobile ) before they would even entertain her on the phone. Strict but secure – my patient data is safe.

Technical Support is personal, attentive and impressive. I am very, very impressed with the service.

Dr Syed Babk Taori, The Glendale Clinic

I overlooked backing up my files for a long time, like many others, until my hard drive crashed one day and all my data was lost. Luckily, on this instance we were able to recover all but at a cost of several 1000’s.

We then backed up on tapes and CD’s but this was proving very hard in order to keep an offsite backup up to date.

For some times now we have swapped to remote online backup with DataTrust. It was easy to set up and all four computers are automatically backed up every night for us. I just get an email every morning with a report letting me know that all my files are backed up. Worth every penny!

Great, Friendly Support – Would recommend highly . . .

Celine Florence , French Property Experts

We are not strangers to Online Backup Providers – we have used Online Backup since 2006.
One word of advice to anybody considering Online Backup – Be Careful there’s a lot of Cowboys out there ! ! !

We actually went through two different providers before discovering the DataTrust product offering. DataTrust don’t just backup up the data for us they also monitor the servers and send us Daily & Weekly reports. Customer Service second to none. We do regular test restores and have never had a problem.

Truly excellent all round service – Second to None

We have been using Datatrust for our corporate online backups since they began offering this service in 2004. Moving to an Online Backup solution has given us far more confidence that our data is 100% protected, no more forgetting to put the tapes in or worrying if they need replacing etc.

We get a report each day with details of completed backups and alerts if we have any looming space issues. We have found the service and response times from Datatrust to be excellent and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other users.”

With fourteen busy creches on the go, the last thing I could occupy my time with is worrying about whether our systems were being backed up or not.

Obviously, for us, security was a big concern. To this end, our Creche Software Supplier did a thorough test on the DataTrust Solution. They satisified themselves that all of our data is totally encrypted before leaving any of our creches and is then securely transmitted to and stored in a suitable offsite data holding facility – in fact, there are three separate offsite copies of all of our data. Our data is secure and offsite at an acceptable cost.

We engage DataTrust to do quarterly data audits and we ensure that any all software suppliers liaise directly with DataTrust before installing any new software packages.

DataTrust online backup works well for us.

Deirdre Kelly, Links Childcare

Our electronic data is one of our most valuable assets – second only probably to our reputation. If we lost our electronic data – our reputation could go as well. I am sure that this is the same for all professionals / professional organisations.

No member of staff should be asked to carry the responsibility of making sure the backups are run – too many things could go wrong. Accordingly, I used to change and store the tapes myself before the changover to DataTrust, in 2006.

It’s a great system and it’s very easy to double check that the backups are happening – just check your mail. Anytime there’s a problem they’re on the phone to you to discuss – it’s re-assuring to know that they are “on the case”.

We have been trained to do restore as well – very simple.

This is the way things should be and are going to be. . . Excellent System.

Thomas Loomes, Loomes & Co. Solicitors

“We are in the business of designing, developing and supplying Software to the Legal Profession and Estate Agents throughout Ireland. Use of our Software involves  our Users in committing sensitive and critical information to their computers.

We use the services of Datatrust because we are fully confident of their professionalism. Our confidence is boosted by the fact that its Managing Director, John O’Shea, is a professional who has a proven track record of treating data with the utmost respect.

Giving staff the responsibility for backup of their employers’ data is a duty too far. Asking Datatrust on line backup to carry out this duty is similar to taking insurance cover.

We readily recommend Datatrust as we know that our trust is well founded – in fact we recommend them all the time. .”

Michael Gilmartin, Legal & General Software

As a busy legal practice, backup is critical to our business. It is imperative that in the event of a system failure we can access all our files and client information immediately.

In our line of business confidentiality is not just important, it is an absolute must. We need to be confident that our data remains protectedatall times.

We have used DataTrust for several years now and cannot recommend it highly enough.

The cumbersome task of changing backup tapes is now a thing of the past. Instead we receive an email each morning confirming that the system is backed up. If there is a problem we are alerted by email, followed by a phone call from the team at Data Trust. The team at DataTrust are extremely professional, obliging, efficient and excellent at what they do.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Data Trust to anyone looking for a back up solution. The customer service and response times have never fallen short of what Data Trust promises. Data Trust is a failsafe, economical way to protect your data and your business.

The security of our company data was a constant concern for us – as I am sure it is for everybody, at some point in time. We hadaTape System which relied on several factors – someone remembering to change tapes, age of tapes, safe storage location of tapes etc. We just always had that nagging worry – a worry that we could do without.With the DataTrust Secure Online Backup; the whole process is automatic and we get an eMail after every backup to tell us what the status of the backup was. Anytime there’s an issue we are contacted by the guys on the Help Desk to explain what happened and we are continually updated as the issue is resolved.

Test Restores, with the Tape System, was a “Black Art” – the right Tape had to be located and restored in a particular sequence – pretty complicated. The net effect was that test restores could only really be done by our IT Support Company. With the DataTrust Backup; the test restore is just a case of opening the application and following a wizard process within – very, very easy to validate the actual usability of our backups via test restore.

David Blennerhasett, Managing Director, FG Wilson Engineering (Dublin) Ltd

Flo Web Design Ltd. has been using Data Trust Ltd. for our back up for a number of years now. Following a crash on one of the hard drive back in 2005 we realised the manual backup we had in place just wasn’t adequate and ended having the hard drive recovered at a high cost not to mention the time lost.

Since we have turned to Data Trust Ltd. which backs up all new and updated files every night. We have recently been in the position where we had to use backed up files, it is easy to do and all our missing files were back within minutes. It was a relief and is peace of mind to know that our work is backed daily.

I would highly recommend the services Data Trust Ltd. offers, the back up is excellent with a great support at very competitive prices.

Olivier Florence, Managing Director & Owner, Flo Web Design Ltd

We have been using DataTrust to look after all our Data Backup Requirements for the past number of years.

We can confirm that they have always acted in a very co operative professional manner. We can confirm that the individuals are very personable to deal with in relation to any issue that may arise and have always addressed any such issue as expeditiously as possible.

We would certainly recommend Data Trust and the professional reliable service they provide.

David Fitzgerald, Solicitor, Fitzgerald & Company Solicitors

I am very happy with the service I have received from Data Trust. We have been a customer since the company’s inception and I find the staff very friendly and helpful.

The cost of the service is very reasonable and it is monitored so that Data Trust staff know about a problem before I do!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Data Trust to anyone needing a safe and secure off site backup service”

Lisa Duggan, Accounts Manager, Techplus Ltd

I can wholeheartedly recommend the DataTrust Online Backup Service. We use them, as a partner, for Recovered Data Vaulting.

Sometimes I wonder are you doing us out of possible Data Recovery Work! – People with Good Backups generally don’t usually require Data Recovery Services. 🙂

Excellent service. Very, very impressive accomodating service…

Congrats on ESI Award Guys … Well Done – Well Deserved…

Keith Cooney, Managing Director, DataRescue Data Recovery Services

“We run a busy city-centre legal practice. As with any legal practice we work to deadlines on a daily basis.

In coping with deadlines you are depending on reliable, conscientious staff and on reliable systems and technology.

Datatrust provides our business with the peace of mind of knowing that all systems are reliable and support is near at hand when problems are encountered.

They liaise directly with our Legal Practice Management Software Provider to ensure that we don’t get caught in the middle.

I can heartily refer the team at DataTrust on the basis of the enthusiasm and professionalism with which they support my Team and I.

Michael Hegarty, Principal, Smyth O'Brien Hegarty Solicitors

“For Maher Gleeson Estates, the comfort of knowing that all our data is secured offsite is a godsend.

Gone are the days of popping in a forgotten tape change in the morning and trying to do “last night’s backup”.

Always there when we need them – very prompt response always. Weekly reports are great.”

Ciaran Maher, Principal, Maher Gleeson Estates

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